2021 spring/summer runs @ Westville Music Bowl, New Haven CT

May 28, 29, 30

After not seeing an audience in 15 months, and despite the pouring rain, these were some hot shows!!

How many teases can you hear??

The first and second weekends are being streamed via Fans.live, with individual shows and package deals available.

(Be sure to mute it during setbreak or you will go mad listening to that same guitar riff on repeat!!)

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Friday 6/18

Set 1

New speedway →
Let it grow
(Joe says thanks, Tommy switches guitars)
Black muddy river (2nd time played) >
All along the watchtower (2nd time played) →
Greatest story →
Dear prudence jam →
Greatest story reprise

Set 2

Atlantic City
Tell me Mama →
Big river
Tennessee Jed → space jam →
Cryptical →
Crazy fingers
Other one
Stella blue
(Joe says they are running out of time, encourages Marco to get it goin)
Werewolves of London


Saturday 6/19

Set 1 (6:33pm eastern)

Gonesville →
Row jimmy
Mr charlie →
VLB (sprinkles > rain) (TLEO tease) →

Set 2 (8:19 pm Eastern, still raining)
Here comes sunshine →
Women r smarter →
Elizabeth Reed
Peggy o

Encore (9:40)
My brother esau


Will have the setlists for the whole weekend updated on the home page soon…
They’re up now, with AUD links:

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Joe chatted with L4LM recently and hinted at special guests for the remaining shows…

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love the no repeats at westville…but kinda strange they repeated at peach in the middle… just my opinion.

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Ha yeah that is a bit odd… And they were all repeats except for Mission in the Rain and Loser

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Setlist for Westville Number Seven is up! That was pretty cool. China Doll played for the second time ever, first played in 2017!

I haven’t found an AUD yet but lemme know if you see one and I’ll link it up.
One’s up!

Holy cow folks, Westville Number Eight! is one for the ages! Can’t wait to find a recording and relisten to it!!

  • amazing Bird Song
  • rager of a Throwing Stones
  • debut of Ship of Fools
  • call your mama and tell her to check out this Terrapin for real
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Ninth time’s the charm! Setlist page for 9/4/21 is up with two AUD recordings.