Fan Stats page: see some nerdy stats about the shows you've attended

tldr... the Fan Stats page will show stuff about your shows.

Your account here on The Lot includes a basic way to keep track of the JRAD shows you were at!

adding shows to your account

Look for your user icon (or initials) in the top-right of the window, and click it. A menu should open, click on the “person” icon towards the right, and it will bring you to your account Preferences. On this Preferences page there should be a new left-hand nav bar with the current page “Account” bolded; click on the Profile link under there.

On the Profile page there should be a field titled Shows you attended, where you can pick your shows based on the date (month-day-year) and venue name.

seeing your show stats

Once you’ve added some shows, visit the Fan Stats page and enter your username (no @ sign). Click the “generate stats” button and it will crunch some numbers for you!

Got suggestions on what stats to look for? Post 'em here in this topic!
You can also follow the code progress via this GitHub issue.