Help designing a logo

So I had an idea for a logo / URL mark… basic idea is skull & crossbones, but with tentacles / an octopus for the skull, and drumsticks for the crossbones.


…but ideally something simple enough that it looks good as a small sticker and on a screen!

I’m thinking something like the above, perhaps with some skull-n-roses mixed in somehow?

Like Bertha + Cthulhu, with drumsticks for crossbones…

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another attempt… I like having one normal drum stick and one soft mallet

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All of these look pretty cool. Number 3 is the simplest design which looks clean. The only hang up I see is (and I could be completely wrong here) but I don’t think Joe uses a soft mallet when he plays. In that regard it would make more sense to have to regular sticks. Also for any copyright issues did you draw these yourself or are they octopuses you found online? If they are found online you can use them as a foundation/idea and draw your own thing in a similar fashion.

Edit: number 3 not number 4 and typo

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Thanks for the feedback!!

re mallet: I agree that the kind in the second image is not right at all… but I thought I had seen Joe using the double-ended sticks that have a normal (snare?) head on one end and a larger felt head on the other side, like the first and fourth images. Think a soft building crescendo on cymbals…

lemme see if I can find a photo

huh I guess not… don’t find any shots of him using them at SweetWater yesterday… there are plenty of photos of him holding normal sticks backwards but no different mallets like I had in mind… so guess I imagined that, and two normal sticks it is!

re octopus: yes these are taken from the interwebs, and these are intended to be mockups of what I have in mind but can’t draw myself :sweat_smile: once I have a mockup I’m pretty happy with, I’ll ask some of my artsy friends if anyone could draw something up, then digitize that and probably lay the text on top… or try doodling the text myself for a bit first…

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No problem! Love the ideas.

Not sure if you’re on Instagram but maybe you can hit up Joe and ask him if he ever used a soft mallet while playing. Wouldn’t hurt to ask, because now I’m curious!

As for the octopus, I can try to carve some time out and try to draw up a few things for kicks. My creative time has dwindled a bit recently since it is yard work season. Plus I’m trying to finish up my digital versions of some of my SYF designs for the D&C tour when it rolls through. I’d say you could use my Steal Your Octopus design, but I don’t know any legal issues that may arise since I neither own the SYF or JRAD octopus designs hahaha

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Aha! Found some mallet work on instagram…

I sent him a message asking about mallets & brushes anyway, cause I do think you’re right and he uses normal sticks only when performing now? Or maybe for JRAD’s repertoire?

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Hahaha love it! Glad you found something. I’d be curious to see how he responds to you (hopefully he does). I wonder if this is used strictly in a practice setting or if he maybe used it in previous shows. Keep me posted if you get a response!

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Here is a little design I came up with. Popped in my head the other day. Eyes and bolt from the JRAD octopus are glowing in the shadows. Plus I was still able to incorporate the skull and cross drum sticks.

Edit more info: Still needs to be touched up a bit. Tentacles need to be cleaned up a bit for size. Stay line on top

Neat! I like the tentacles holding the sticks!