Joe's "Hooteroll?" shows

Hooteroll? is an album by Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales released December 1971, which Joe must like! info on DeadDisc


Studio shot of “Morning In Marin”, rehearsal @ Red Delicious, Brooklyn NY on March 22, 2017…

On April 7, 2017, Joe along with Stuart Bogie, Erik Deutsch, Jonathan Goldberger, Dave Harrington, Kevin Kendrick, and Jordan McLean performed two sets comprising tunes from the Hooteroll? album along with other selections, article on JamBase has the setlist:

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Morning in Marin
Vox Humana [Carla Bley] >
(Joe solo) →
Uncle Martin’s
Da Birg Song →
(Erik solo) →
Unfinished Sympathy [Gary Burton] →

Song for Buddy [Joe Russo, first live performance] >
Up From The Desert →
Spiral Dance [Keith Jarrett]
One A.M. Approach →
A Trip To What Next →
Whipping Post Jam →
What I Say [Miles Davis]

South Side Strut

A soundboard matrix recording from Costello/McRoberts is available on

Listen via Relisten: 4/7/17 Joe Russo Presents: Hooteroll? + Plus | Relisten


On January 12, 2020 Joe and friends performed a show titled “Hooteroll? + Plus!” at Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklyn), article on mentions the setlist:

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Up From the Desert
A Trip To What’s Next
phér•bŏney love theme [Joe Russo, first live performance]
Vox Humana [Carla Bley]
One A.M. Approach
Directions no. 1 [Joe Zawinul]
Morning in Marin
Da Birg Song
Unfinished Sympathy [Gary Burton]
South Side Strut

Uncle Martin’s

Listen via Relisten: 1/12/20 Joe Russo Presents: Hooteroll? + Plus | Relisten

A half-hour video is on YT:

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The Frost Theater show in 2019 opened with a Morning in Marin Jam → Stranger:

Did I see you at that show @TheEngineer?

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Damn right! And I recognized the opener!