Setlist corrections

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Shout-out to @pete for finding a whole grip of mismatched data, and pointing out new videos!

And a tip of the hat to @DustyDuds on Twitter for pointing out some more mismatches on 3/2/19 #183 and 3/3/19 #184!

10.10.14 is not a soundboard but a matrix. I didnt go through all the shows but costello and mcroberts usually would put out matrix recordings and not just straight sbd’s. there are straight sbd’s in the collection but you will have to sift through and read the taping notes to determine. lemme know if I can help any more than this. thanks, cool site

10.29.15 track numbers dont match the track numbers from the band. track 4 on that show for instance is quite famous as “tease jam” …maybe im just lost on the numbering of songs versus the actual archive or relisten track numbering.

4.22.15 Weather Report Suite: Part One is ONLY INSTRUMENTAL

Hi @eddielebec & welcome!

re SBD/matrix — good point, I have many matrix recordings labeled as “soundboard”… Would it be useful to change them to say “matrix” and expect that folks understand it will include the SBD?

re track listings / teases — This is a slightly subjective topic… One of my intentions with the site is to provide a way to show teases and jams/quotes separately from the format that Costello writes up. For 10/29/15 #50 I have listed the individual teases in Costello’s “Tease Jam” as being part of “Brown Eyed Women”. Click on the headphones icon to see what teases are listed. (I fixed the encore too!)

Thanks for pointing out the variation on WRS p1! Added to 4/22/15 #22

(Maybe it’s misleading / not helpful to have numbers on the tracks, since they won’t necessarily line up with recordings?? I’m open to suggestions!)

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love the site. thanks for this.

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I went through the recordings I had listed ( certainly not an exhaustive list!) and marked the ones which were obviously matrix mixes. I’ll also be able to mark new ones as they come out!

This will appear on the page for a specific show, either to the right or below the setlist.

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Thanks to @eddielebec for pointing out a venue error on 10/11/14 #8, which led me to also fix the date for 4/25/15 #25!

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thats cool and thank you,4.25 was a good show, not 4.22.15 but a nice show.

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Just published small fixes to a bunch of setlists (venue names, mostly)

I’m starting an effort to tidy up the Terrapin and Weather Report suites across all setlists (previously, all sections of each suite would be listed)… if you see a setlist with extra sections listed, or some missing, please let me know!

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just fyi,2.23.2020 is the Cap not BBowl

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Great catch, thanks! Fixed now.

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