Shows with no available recordings

There are a number of shows which I can’t locate a recording* of… if you have audio of any of these shows, or know where to find it, please give a holler!! Future JRAD-heads thank you in advance!

* audio recording, that is… sometimes there’s an audience-shot video of the full show with questionable audio, which is absolutely better than nothing, but I’d love to find high-quality audio for these!

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I had 7.1.16 on my mixlr account until they made us pay awhile back to use its services and so I lost it. I heard we may get that someday maybe.

Ahhh bummer!! Didn’t know that Mixlr got rid of their free features…

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An unfortunate new addition to the list of Shows With No Recordings… there doesn’t appear to have been any tapers at Westville Number Eight :scream::cold_sweat: