Subtle weather songs

There are the obvious ones:

Last night at JRAD’s first show in front of an audience in 15 months, it was raining pretty hard at times… but rather than any of the obvious ones, they played Sugaree (“stand out in the pouring rain”) and The Wheel (“if the thunder don’t getcha then the lightning will”) and Ripple.

What other songs mention weather in a subtle way?

St Stephen, “wind and rain”!

He’s Gone, “Going where the wind don’t blow so strange”

  • GDTRFB: “going where the climate suits my clothes” and sometimes “going where those chilly winds don’t blow”
  • China Cat Sunflower: “midnight sun”, “dream night wind”, “shower of pearls”
  • I Know You Rider: “sun will shine in my back door someday, March winds will blow all my troubles away” and “cool Colorado rain”
  • Morning Dew: nuclear winter counts in my book
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Brown eyed women, “sound of the thunder and the rain pouring down”

Lost sailor…

Some days the gales are howling
Some days the sea is still as glass

There’s a ghost wind blowin’

Saint of Circumstance…

Driven by the wind, like the dust that blows around
And the rain fallin’ down but I never know

… I don’t know what the weather might do
But when that rich wind whines and I see the dark star shine

Estimated Prophet

Where ocean breezes blow

And I’ll call down thunder and speak the same

Terrapin suite (Lady With a Fan)

Winds both foul and fair all swarm

Bird Song

I’ll show you
Snow and rain

Dry your eyes on the wind