Suggestions for the main site

Got a suggestion for the setlists on the main site? Let’s hear em.

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I wish I could put a picture below the setlist for a show, the boys on stage or some swag from the lot. just a thought.

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Oooooh, very cool idea!

I think we can use this forum to help with that… at the very least, you could upload an image to a post here and let me know, and then I can go add it to whichever show it’s from…

Or if you have a bunch of photos, upload them all to an image hosting site like and then share a link here, and I can link em up.

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ok so this is 7.2.16 Aspen at the belly up

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terrible photo but I just scrolled back and grabbed one off my phone

Added it! Show #75 … real simple for now, can get fancier if need be

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Stat tracker for shows seen? Maybe I just haven’t found it.

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There’s a rudimentary way of tracking them in the Preferences on here, but I gotta work out a smoother way of integrating it…

Okay the bare-bones version of this is up and running!

Put in your username and it’ll show some basics… more stats forthcoming! Got suggestions? drop em in this topic.

How do you feel about links to video uploads? Obviously, sanctioned or AUD recordings, only.

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Sounds great to me!

I’d noticed many videos being taken off of YouTube, which made been reluctant to link to new ones in case they disappeared later. But I’m happy to link to videos which we can share!

Audience video of 2nd set 9/25/21 Salvage Station, Asheville, NC

Awesome! I’ve added the video to the setlist page for the Asheville 9/25/21 show, thank you!