Taping shows

Anyone else taped a show before? JRAD or otherwise?

I started to dabble right before Pandemic hit, and now have my first JRAD tape up on Archive! 7/3/22 @ High Sierra:

(I also recorded 7/27/19 @ Peach and two of the Westville shows last year, but other tapers put up better-sounding tapes before I got around to listening to what I got… Those were done with the onboard (omni) mics of a Roland R07, whereas the for High Sierra sets I set up an Audio-Technica AT2022 (cardioid X/Y @ 90°) in a pretty decent spot by the soundboard, above head height.)

Now working on Marco’s set from Sunday afternoon!

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Recorded both JRAD 2018 Wiltern shows and 8/12/2002 Hollywood Palladium.

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Thanks for taping, those Wiltern tapes sound great!! 11/8/18 & 11/9/18

Hoping you can share that Palladium show soon!

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@wharfratjoe any chance you were at Frost as well?

Yup it will be. Soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was not at frost unfortunately.

Joe Russo's Almost Dead Live at Hollywood Palladium on 2022-08-12 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive :sunglasses:

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Awesome, I linked it up! :point_right: JRAD 8/12/22 @ Hollywood Palladium | Almost-Dead.net